Custom Invoice Applications

Custom Software for your Business

Do you have paper lists, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access Databases, note cards, or etc. with different data that you need for your business? Do you find yourself constantly looking through different files trying to find information? Are you constantly trying to guess which products are selling well, and which are not? Are you unsure of when a particular product does well, and when it does not? Do you find yourself ordering too many of one product and not enough of another? Well, ….
We can help.

We install One integrated package to track and report your sales? You give us your stacks of documents, and word/excel/access documents, and we customize a system that will allow you to easily and quickly input and access your data. With just a few key strokes, you will ALWAYS be able to see exactly how your products are selling at ANY given time.

You provide us with your documents excel, and files media

We provide you with Customized Software that contains:

  • Menus
  • Forms
  • Reports

Plan Fees:

Custom Invoice Application  prices starting at $780.00

  1. Free 30 day incident and software support (we come by once a week to ensure your application is exceeding your expectations.)
  2. Free Software Support by Phone
  3. 3 no-fee incident Support
  4. $75/hr on-site Support After the Free and 3 no-fee support
  5. Service Plan:   We spend the first week at your site (i.e. office) defining your needs and helping gather the information that you need for your customized system. After your Detailed Design document is approved, we begin the coding for your application. For the next three weeks, we spend one hour at your site (on the date/time of your choosing) to aid you in inputting your data and answering any questions/concerns that you may have.